Giving the right gift this Christmas

Its December. The weather is getting warmer (then colder, then warmer, then more Melbourne again). BBQ’s are all cleaned and ready to fire up & Christmas is nearly upon us. For some of us, that means all the Christmas gifts have already been bought, wrapped & set up under a tree. For some of us, that’s not even close to the picture… and that’s okay. Not all gifts can go under a tree and neither should they.

Give – /ɡɪv/
1. freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone)
2. cause, provide with or allow (someone or something) to have or experience (something);
3. carry out or perform (a specified action).

When we think of giving, we’re usually thinking of something material. Toys for the kids (child or man-sized ones). Brand new latest gadget that comes with an extra clock. As shown above, this only happens to be one of the definitions of giving. At the heart of giving, what we’re usually trying to do is express our love to the people who matter to us most and for some of us that might not mean receiving a wrapped up present at all. It might mean something completely different.

According to Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, there are 5 ways in which we communicate love. Here are the 5 languages and ideas for Christmas gifts that will let the people closest to you show you care about them in a way they understand.

Words of Affirmation“This language uses words to affirm other people”
People who are this love language respond to having sincere good words spoken to them or given to them. Write a letter or a heart felt card that genuinely tells them how you feel about them and what makes them important to you. The more authentic your words, the more they’ll feel cared for so don’t make it so cheesy they become lactose intolerant.

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Acts of Service“For these people, actions speak louder than words.”
These guys & gals like when you do stuff for them. What kind of stuff? Well it may be as simple as doing all the household chores before the extended family arrives before a gathering. It could be as easy as having a meal cooked and ready for them when they arrive home. These people are easy to please and something to keep in mind… the more unprompted, the higher the brownie points.

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Gifts“For some people, what makes them feel most loved is to receive a gift.”
Easy for Christmas. Buy them something special that means something to them or that they’ve mentioned to you previously.

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Quality Time“This language is all about giving the other person your undivided attention.”
Time is a precious resource and these people love it when you spend it with them. Organise a day spent doing whatever it is they enjoy doing and it’ll go a long way.

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Physical Touch“To this person, nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch.”
Hugs. Give them hugs. Lots of them. Or organise for them to have a massage treatment. That’ll make them feel loved & appreciated.

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We hope this has been helpful for you to give the right gifts this Christmas to your loved ones.