First further training workshop for HOHA graduates

Today was a special day. After a previous meeting with a few of the graduates to identify their needs, we were able to organize our first further training workshop for our HOHA graduates. The day started with an introduction speech by me which was delivered in Khmer.

Chinese was my first language, followed by English then spurts of French & Japanese in high school. Besides the few lessons I’d had in the lead up to this class, I’d had no formal education in Khmer so this was a fun moment. To be able to introduce myself to people in the language of the country of my ancestry was pretty damn special. The fact that they were able to understand me was a bonus. 😉

Following our introduction, we went straight into the topic of choice from the graduates which revolved around the assessment and treatment of the pelvis.

One of the things that stuck with me from the day happened at the end of our workshop. As we were finishing up, we discussed what topic the graduates would like to tackle next. “The shoulder”, they replied. “When will the next training be?”, they asked. I told them that we would have our next training in a months time.
“4 weeks?”, they exclaimed. “Why can’t we do it next week?”, they all said. That enthusiasm and eagerness to learn is infectious and reminded me of why I’d made the decision to return to this country… to help provide further education for therapies that don’t exist and improve access to health care.