Arrival & Our Mission

Cambodia a country located in South East Asia, sandwiched between Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. There’s a population of 15 million people. Of those people, there is an estimated 629,279 living with physical disabilities with 49,566 living in the capital of Phnom Penh.
This is where our story starts. According to a WHO (World Health Organisation) report in 2012, having such large portion of the population in unskilled manual labour jobs and poorly unregulated work places has led to a high level of number of years lost due to musculoskeletal disease. Musculoskeletal disease or MSDs are injuries and disorders that affect the human body’s movement or musculoskeletal system.
Put simply, there are lots of people missing out on many years of quality life and being unable to contribute to their community due to their bodies not being able to move properly.
How do we alleviate a problem like that? A question to ask, is how do we alleviate a problem like this back at home in Melbourne? Well lucky for everyone in Melbourne there’s a multitude of talented physios, chiros and amazing myotherapists at your favourite myotherapy clinic who can help.
Here in Cambodia, they have no such things. There is no access to medical and physical therapy modalities and therein lies a great opportunity for us to help.
“Nurturing minds and bodies and taking joy in improving our client’s quality of life. Helping people become all they were meant to be so they can give the world their best. We provide treatments in an environment that is compassionate, accepting & understanding which allows our clients to refresh, recharge & grow.”
– Clinical Myotherapy Group Mission Statement
Our goal here is to help replicate a space for learning and healing that you all our wonderful clients have helped us to create. It will be designed as a space to teach the local populace our assessment and treatment methods so that they can then in turn treat and teach others.
The first step in this process will be to secure a premises for learning and also to start organising international volunteer student groups for cultural exchange and treatment programs.
With hearts full and determined, the journey begins.
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