Adventures in 2017

2017 is upon us and it comes with brand new opportunities to fulfill life long dreams and goals that you have.

A year ago today, I was off on an adventure for a not for profit group Hands On Health Australia. I was being flown away to the developing countries of the Philippines & Cambodia to help assess the needs & opportunities available to help improve community health & health education.
In Cambodia, my goal there was to assess the success of our STTEP (Sustainable Treatment and Training Program) that provided instruction in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and management, First Aid and basics of  health care.


What I discovered was a program that was not only fulfilling many needs that the local populace had but something more. It was providing them a real occupational opportunity that was also able to help improve the health of their communities. The people there were eager to learn and absolutely enthusiastic with the information they were being given. It was a really heartwarming experience that I cherish and decided that the health education there would be something I would continue to work towards.

So this brings us to 2017. Sadly, whilst successful, the program funding will end in March. No more new students will be going through the program and the students that have graduated will have little in the way of official support. That is why in late February, with mixed feelings of excitement and adventure, I will be moving to Cambodia for the year. Whilst funding for the current program has been cut, there are plenty of health initiatives and educational programs that can be explored and it is my intention to do just that.

Thank you to everyone who has come through our doors at CMG. You’ve been absolutely wonderful and I’m so grateful for your support over the years.  All the conditions & ailments that you’ve brought in during our time have given me more invaluable experiences to grow and develop as a practitioner which allows me to be of greater service to others, so a heartfelt thank you.

I will be leaving on the 25th of February so book in and see me while I’m still available. I will be in contact with you all during that time and advising which of our amazing therapists would be most suited to your goals and you’ll get updates on my adventures as they happen.

2017 is upon us and it comes with brand new opportunities to fulfill life long dreams and goals that you have. We look forward to helping you achieve  yours and your continued support.


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