Clinical Myotherapist

Rotana Cheng

B. H. Sc (Clinical Myotherapy)
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Cert IV (Massage Therapy Practice)
Cert III & IV (Fitness)
Member of MMA (formerly AAMT)

Rotana initially started his career in health as a fitness instructor and personal trainer in 2001, helping people become the best versions of themselves they could be. Deciding that he enjoyed working with the human body so much, he continued his education in 2004 with a Diploma of Remedial Massage. This gave him insight into the workings of the human body particularly in dealing with acute & chronic work related injuries. After several years of working in both fields, he was offered the opportunity to become a lecturer at the Australian Institute of Fitness and Australian Institute of Massage (now known as Sage Institute of Massage) in 2006, becoming the head lecturer of massage in 2007.

In 2014, he completed his further education by studying a Bachelor’s of Health Science in Clinical Myotherapy. He lectured in Musculoskeletal Pathology at Victoria University through 2014 and is a strong advocate for health and anything physical that gets people excited, off their couches and out of their comfort zones.

He finished his first half marathon in 2014, has completed several triathlons & was previously an avid Cross-Fitter. He enjoys being active and trying any and all kinds of physical activities.

Rotana is currently overseas in Cambodia, helping to create a sustainable Myotherapy teaching & clinic space for the local populace.

Rotana was amazing and very helpful, He fixed my back and gave me an in depth explanation of what caused it and why. Would highly recommend this place!

Robb EvansConcreting Business Owner

I highly recommend Rotana. A caring therapist who looks for the core of the problem & works with your lifestyle & regime when recommending exercises – let’s face it your not going to do them unless it works for you & Rotana makes this happen!

I also appreciated the unexpected check in’s to see how I was progressing. If you want to get results clinical myotherapy is a great choice.

Bree Donnelly

Amazing. I’ve had neck problems for over 3 years and have been to countless of specialists. This has been the only place that actually took me seriously and actively tried to combat my symptoms. Unsurprisingly, they are the only place that has had any success in relieving pain.
Definitely recommend for anyone experiencing back/neck issues.

Bec Fancke

Rotana Cheng and the team are professional and experienced. Rotana provided me with tailored advice and took the time to ensure he really understood my problem(s) prior to diagnosing and providing a remediation plan to get me back to 100%. Finally, I appreciate the frank and honest opinion, home-exercises and ‘in-between appointment check-ins’ provided to me. I definitely recommend anyone with physical pain from general day-to-day or sports injuries to make an appointment with Clinical Myotherapy Group – they are an alternate (and, in my opinion better) solution to seeing a remedial masseuse or chiropractor.

Marianne Grandjean-Thomsen

Could not recommend it more. I had instant lasting relief without going through pain and discomfort. Rotana has a unique technique which i found very very effective and so far the best treatment I have received (having 10+ year experience with other practitioners). Very happy with the service provided and 100% will return. Amazing!

Anca Vereen
Anca VereenDirector Vereen Health

Rotana has magic hands. Turned my TMJ into TM-YAY!

Brett Schwepps Schewitz Brett Schwepps Schewitz Photography –

Rotana is was great – very experienced and knowledgeable re disc problems. Helped me greatly with pain management and education.

Julia Bunjevac

I have seen Rotana once and he has already helped me a lot, really… I think they really know what they are doing! Very helpful and professional. Thank you Rotana!!!

Sara Luchetti

Been getting treated by Rotana for a few weeks now and the results have been absolutely fantastic. I’m also learning a lot about how my muscles work so I can take better care of myself in everyday life and get more out of my workouts. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to improve their posture, fitness and general quality of muscular well-being and awareness.

Aaron Howard