Remedial Massage Therapist

Hayley Corkery

Diploma of Remedial Massage
Cert IV (Massage Therapy Practice)
Completing B. H. Sc (Clinical Myotherapy) 2017

Hayley’s interest in the human body and the connection between the mind and body through clinical myotherapy has been been a driving factor for her to address 10 years of managing chronic pain and lower back issues.
“I wanted to learn how to manage and better myself recovering from injury. Due to these issues I have been exposed to a lot of different modalities and a community of specialists, which has lead to a passion of learning how to aid with other people’s recovery.
I started off studying a personal training course to be able to manage a history of disc degeneration and bulges, through stretching and exercising.
Once completing this course I came across clinical myotherapy which completely fascinated me in furthering my education to help aid in people’s acute or chronic issues or injuries.
The experience and study of the human body has been a extremely fascinating and continual educational challenge which I have had the pleasure of partaking in. I continue to educate myself through different experiences and modalities to learn the best form of education to pass on to other people to help them better manage their issues or recurring injuries.”

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