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Clinical Myotherapy

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About Us

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Clinical Myotherapy Group (Australia) are a collective organisation of clinical myotherapists that focus on the assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain & associated conditions.

Our services can help with

- reducing muscle tension & pain
- improving circulation
- reducing stress
- improving sleep
- increasing joint mobility & flexibility
- improving recovery from soft tissue injuries
- improving sports performance

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  • Individual Treatment Plan

    We treat a variety of conditions such as

    - Tennis/Golfer's Elbow
    - Tendonitis
    - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    - Lower back pain
    - Headaches and neck pains
    - Muscle strains and sprains
    - Muscle spasms
    - Wry neck
    - TMJ and teeth grinding issues

  • Health & recovery Advice

    We take pride and appreciate the opportunity in guiding people through their health and wellbeing and giving them the confidence in managing their condition.

  • We only give advice that we ourselves are willing to take

    Our therapists follow the advice that we prescribe to our clients.

Our team

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Rotana Cheng

Clinical Myotherapist

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B. H. Sc (Clinical Myotherapy) Diploma of Remedial Massage Cert IV (Massage Therapy Practice) Cert III & IV (Fitness) Member of AAMT
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Susan Nichols

Clinical Myotherapist

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“Educating and guiding my patients to become the best that they can be is incredibly rewarding and exciting for me. I have a very caring nature and a great passion for learning about the human body, which shines through my work and positively impacts my patients’ sense of well-being.”

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